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Humane Coaching for Divergent Thinkers

 Finally, a way for women to
de-stress, release suffering and
restore their creative energy so they can make money and feel joy again.
FREE Energetic Creation Reading...

You keep looking for answers. You keep buying everyone else's courses,  roadmaps, and downloads.

We all keep looking because they all keep promising. 

There's a reason it's not working.

There's a reason you still don't feel better.

If you have emotionally and financially exhausted your resources trying everything to feel better, stop looking outside yourself.  Learn how to trust yourself to generate your own answer for everything.


Stop the self-doubt, slash shame and insecurity, and immerse yourself in self-trust and self-confidence with Deep Search Energetic Creation  

Click the button below for a

FREE Energetic reading.

Joy, Money, and Wellbeing are yours to create...

Pink Sugar

Addicted to Other People's Roadmaps And Courses?..Stop The Self-Help Spend.

Stop The Validation Search.

Finally, a way for women to de-stress, release suffering and feel Better NOW.

Watch your emotional suffering take a drastic turn for the better in just minutes.

This is the exact modality my clients use every day in what we call the Self-Led Deep Search.

I can't wait for you to try it.

In this training, I show you how to do a Self-Led Deep Search so you can end  unnecessary emotional suffering. 

Feel better, release suffering, and live a better life. 

If you are struggling due to a chronic condition, a mental health diagnosis or self-diagnosis (or 2 or 3 like me), situational depression, grief, or any combination of the above, (I call this the human experience), you will quickly experience the impact of a Deep Search Energetic Creation Release.


Coaching tools should be simple, easy-to-follow, flexible and never trigger your symptoms. The Self-Led Deep Search is a self-healing tool that teaches you the 10 Dimensions of the Human Experience, shows you why you are thinking, feeling and doing what you’re doing even when you’ve been trying so hard to change, and helps you release judgment, undesirable emotions and turn desire into decision.

 It’s created around the following principles and theories:

Science (electromagnetic field theory)

 Psychology (metacognition and neuroplasticity)

Emotional health (full spectrum emotional processing)

Human behavioral patterns (habits;  seeking the familiar, comfortable and safe)

Spirituality (plug in your own beliefs)method

This is the well-being secret of the Universe.

You are a creator, created by the Creator to create.

I organized and created this magnificent self-healing tool because I was suffering. I asked the Creator for guidance. I consciously, intentionally received the enlightenment and I continue to receive more and more as I develop and learn more about the flexibility, adaptability, and accessibility of the tool I was guided through to organize and create.

I needed to understand why the coaching tools I had been using were working to help me create change, but were now actually causing pain and problems.

I began the search. 

But this time, it was within.

I had to stop looking outside of myself. I had to stop looking externally for answers.

I knew the SEARCH model was important.

It filled the gaps. It solved the problems.


I was teaching my daughter a science lesson one day and it all clicked. This was the missing piece. This was the first phase of Energetic Creation. The first phase of how we think and what causes emotions...especially the ones we don't want to feel.


Something outside of us WAS creating our thinking, at least before we had any awareness.

Are you ready to learn what I learned that day?

The secret is that your brain works in three different phases to create change.

You can't just go from where you are to where you want to be.

You have to look at where you were, first.

This doesn't require any digging into your past.

  • Are you ready to learn how to control your brain?

  • You can make the money you have been trying to make.

  • You can have the relationship you know exists in your heart.

  • You can create the strength to stand up for yourself.

  • You can stop letting other people get to you


What if you didn't feel...

lonely in your personal life and endeavors

afraid to let others down

insecure about your ability to do something new

like you had to get it all right

defeated before you even started

depressed and anxious all the time

imposter syndrome

afraid you're not good enough

alone in your desire for success

unsupported in your desire for success

angry and irritable when you get interrupted

fear of uncertainty

annoyed even when you appreciate people


Or what if you WANTED to feel these things?

What if you decided when to feel instead of just...

feeling them with no control?

That is what you will learn. Total control of what you think and the emotions you feel.

More than decide

what your life looks like

from today

to forever.

You will finally de-stress, de-depress, de-blame, de-insecure, de-break yourself.

You will finally make the exact amount of money you want to make.

You will serve the exact amount of clients you want to serve.

You will meet the human of your dreams. And not sabotage the relationship.

You will repair the relationships you want to repair. 

You will deepen the connections you desire.

You will achieve any goal you set.


This is greater and deeper than manifestation.

It is more powerful. It is lasting. It feels better in your body. It feels true. 

It is scientific and spiritual. Psychological and physical.

Nothing is left out. Mental, emotional and traumatic suffering are relieved.

It's NOT too good to be true. No one is doing this for you.

You don't have to do much. In fact, I want you to start lazy, unambitious, at 0 MPH.

You only have to promise yourself that you will continuously do two things:

1. Release judgment of your thinking and emotions, past, present, future.

2. Offer yourself compassion for anything you have done, you now do, you think or feel, past, present, or future.

Are you ready to understand why you haven't been able to up until this point?

It isn't your fault. You have been judging your unconscious thinking...let's find out how this judgment is affecting you and how to bring it with you instead of "moving past it, or changing it" so you can finally create the permanent changes you have been working so hard to do for so long.

Your self-healing work has not been in vain. You will see it all come to life.

Start Your Deep Search Energetic Creation Journey today.

Watch the Self-Led Search Free Training.

Turn Your Ideas Into A Sold-Out Biz

You are doing the most and pleasing everyone - at home, in your job, in your relationshipyou are showing up for everyone else and putting your dreams on the back-burner because it feels like there is never enough time to work on your new endeavor. When you do, you're following someone else's plan. You've been buying courses, blueprints, downloads, and roadmaps that lead to...unfinished work. You write, create content, thinking about all the things you need to do and keep yourself busy, and it feels like you're productive, but your bank account would argue. All you feel is overwhelmed, buried, overworked, burned out and like a failure. What is keeping yourself from doing what you really want? What is keeping you from completing and finishing the stuff you paid so much money for? Why can't you seem to consistently get paid, or get paid at all? Because it's easier to stay busy and make everyone else smile than to face what you have to FEEL in order to achieve a single dream of your own.

You believe deeply that you can build your business with all the ideas you've piled up... you have the talent and skillset…you know  you have the skills and capacity to level up and take the risk, but you are not quite ready to rely on yourself to transition from your current comfort level. Things are working right now. Maybe not perfectly, but you are surviving. The money you're making for your boss, or at your current level in your company could be going to build your next level Body of Work (and making you BANK!), yet you still find yourself in dread, anxiety and overwhelm. It feels like a leap, you're not great at completing things, but more than anything, you're afraid to fail. You're even afraid to be successful. 

You feel disconnected from the messaging that you need to follow a plan; you see a lot of problems in your industry that you don't agree with; you don't resonate with some of the industry standards…and you want to set your own...but you have no idea where to start and you’re losing sleep over it, or maybe even clients over your indecision. You need money. You need to feel in control. But you also need structure and guidance to get you over the finish line. 

Stop The SEARCH! 
You keep looking for answers, solutions and done-for-you roadmaps, but has that been working? 

If not, it's because you're looking outside of yourself for solutions from people who have Results based on resources, education, access and skillsets we don't have!! 
It's not your fault.

If you are committed to learning Change Work in the easiest, laziest way possible, you will change your life forever, permanently. 

 The Deep Search Energetic Creation Coaching modality is a tool created out of desperation and necessity by Karynn Collins, Certified Life Coach. 

Chronic Entrepreneur with Chronic Illness, she was already an expert and a Mentor with over 25 years of expertise, knowledge and skillset. 

The coaching industry was missing a tool that worked for
bipolar and neurodivergent individual and neurotypical individuals equally, included a neutral spiritual aspect that was also scientific, 
and was broken down simply into plain language, and could be used and combined with or even adapted to other modalities.

The Deep Search Energetic Creation Coaching tool offers all of this and more.
Learn about how it will work for you as a coach, a creator, a healer, or a nervous-system worker - it is easily integrated and will help your clients to progress with speed, greater impact and to hold space for themselves.

It All Starts With A Call

You don't need anything on our call (but you can ask me anything)

Put your motivation on pause and give your ideas a chance.

"Audit" sounds so boring, but if you like online quizzes, you'll love the Mentor Call Business Audit!

It's a simple Q&A style Zoom session where I ask you about your current business (or what you want to build), your offer(s), your sales and marketing, your brand and positioning (or what you're dreaming of), 


I show you how to consistently get your gears turning, spinning, and into creative flow so you can create your own programs, blueprints and courses to sell to your own clients, for the market price we come up with together!


If you haven't experienced this kind of creative flow, you will love the's like running with endless energy and never getting tired.

 Book your call today.

BONUS: Everyone who books their call THIS WEEK ONLY get


50 Sentences That Sell-OUT

(In Your Industry)

Using Language That Attracts,

Brain Science + Energetic Creation 

Without Sounding Sales-y or Desperate

KARYNN E COLLINS | LIFE COACH for Entrepreneurs and Coaches like you..
The Diagnosed and Self-Diagnosed, The Indecisive, The Perfectionists, The People-Pleasers 
with dozens of ideas, miles of content, so much unfinished business,
and confidence so low but self-judgment so high...

Hey! By now you know my name is Karynn E Collins, but I go by Karynn C. 

I'm far more interested in your journey - where you've been and where you want to go next, but you should know why I'm so interested.

I became a coach because my brain was scrambled, tangled, and as messy as they get. If that sounds dramatic, you may have some extra thoughts when I tell you that I was diagnosed late in life with bipolar disorder, ADHD, and fibromyalgia, all of which mess with your cognitive abilities in different ways. I needed some help. More like relief. I was suffering and I just wanted to feel better.

I found that through coaching. Now I use those same tools to help people like me. Maybe not quite like me, but people who get it. Get what it's like to think differently, handle their emotions differently, and be holding it all together.

If that's you, and you've been making things work in ways you can hardly believe, but you're needing a little help with your business, I'm the coach for you. 

If that's you, but you're feeling like your brain is absolutely everywhere and you can't get it together no matter what you've tried - and you've tried IT ALL, I'm the coach for you.

You don't have to believe me. You just have to believe YOU. One more time.

I already know you will because that's what you do. You keep getting up. You keep going. You keep trying. You won't stop and you may not even know why, but you're going to succeed no matter what. You'll find the key.

You just found it.

Not didn't find found you again. Celebrate that for a moment.

You'll hear me say this a lot...

I'm Here to be Your Mirror, Your Mama, Your Auntie, Your Grandma, Your Coach

but...I'm never here to replace your voice
You are the BEST there is. You are the MOST there is. You are everything the world needs and I am 110% here for you...I'm here to hold a reflector up and shine the golden sun on your perfectly layered and textured self. No filters, no editing, no post-processing your inner truth, only revealing it.

You may not have all the answers, but you are the most resourceful, most creative, most intelligent human on the planet when it comes to your own life and your own business! 

You may not always feel good. You may be struggling deeply and not even feel well enough to work, and I am going to show you how you can still run your business on those days!

You will not always show up perfectly - you will fail and make mistakes over and over and over. That part is going to happen. Plan on it. 

There's no secret to being in business. Being a Life Coach does not have to be hard. 
Change Work is beautiful. I will help you see that your brain is doing everything the way it's designed to do it. I will help you feel better and move forward. 

I will help you become a paid Life Coach and an Entrepreneur. 

If you're here. If you have EVER taken another step after falling down, then you are ready.

And your clients are out there ready to do the same. Because we ALL fall and we all need someone who gets it. You. YOU GET IT, right?

Let's go. ALL IN. Together. Raw. Unedited. Open wide.


If you've ever believed that your voice isn't the right one for your people,

I'm about to help you change your brain.

Let's Get Started - we're going to spend our time together organizing your ideas into a Gallery of Offers. We're going to turn your clients into Collectors of your Mind Art.

And then, we're going to connect your Collectors with the Art they crave. 

When you experience coaching with me, you will experience

the Joy of creating and offering your work as the Art that it is.


As you connect with your Collectors and see them connect with the Art you've created for them,

you will not feel like you are selling.

You will know that you should Receive Money for the Value you have created as Art.

Art cannot be seen until we show it to the world.

Art is experienced and loved when we experience deep emotions from the life we get to live and the way we think about that life.

Our job as coaches is to create change for ourselves, and then to offer help and solutions so our clients can create change for themselves.


We are not responsible for changing them.


We only have to make the program! 

Do you see? Take all the pressure off of yourself. You don't have to change your client. At all.


You will understand and see how creative you are as you begin to craft your Offer, your Program, and find your Voice to help your clients as you show them your creation.

Like a travel agent, we never travel with them on their journey.

We only craft and create a beautiful journey so they can enjoy the views, trip and destination.

It's up to them to leave, travel, and arrive.

It's up to them to enjoy or be miserable on the trip.

Do you believe me? Do you believe in yourself to be able to do this for your Collectors?

It's okay if you're not there yet. I will help you go from wherever you are to exactly where you want to be.

There are so many ways you can coach with me, learn with me, grow your business with me and make your dreams become reality. Start with a Mentor Call today.

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