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Deep Search Energetic Creation Certification

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For Nervous System Healers, Coaches, Consultants, Creators and anyone doing Change Work. Your clients have burned themselves out looking for answers, buying courses, blueprints and roadmaps. The Deep Search Energetic Creation Certification combines elements of brain and body science, coaching, spiritual guidance, ART, teaching, mentoring, and thought work, together with Deep Search Energetic Creation, we explore the lived experience, the emotional spectrum, and the foundations of change work to identify whatever is causing the most suffering to co-design permanent change. Then, using the same tools and teachings, we structure and entrepreneurial path to business, because business always was personal. The magic of ART together with Brain Science and Energetic Creation come together so you can stop buying other people's course's (that you never finish) and start creating your own answers, blueprints and roadmaps to the exact unique and beautiful life you want. You will leverage all the coaching tools and methods you already use in an adaptable, flexible way so you can heal, release unwanted suffering, and train your brain to do what you've been trying so hard to do...without the try hard. Spend six months with me. You don't need any ambition or artistic skills. You don't even need to be a Life Coach. I will show you how to do it all. You've finally found the right coach for your neuro-divergent brain; chronically ill body - we find the gap and fill it so you can feel

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