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3-Day Deep Search Emotional Release Challenge

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Moving your body is one of the best ways to improve your mood and your health. But how do you improve your mood and health without moving your body? What if you can't move? What if you have a chronic illness, you're depressed, you don't feel like moving, or you just need a different way to feel...better? This is the world of Deep Search Energetic Creation. Where we create change by be-ing, not do-ing. Through lazy starts and beginner methods, where there are no advanced courses or ambitious, motivating action steps. Simple solutions with measured improvement because you are not're actually stopping the resistance you're so used to and staying still for once. That’s what this challenge is all about. No magic. No wizardry. Just 3 days of stopping. Not even pausing. Stopping. Stopping what? Come inside and've been searching, so you get to decide what to stop. Your Deep Search Energetic Creation Challenge is built for any time and any location, no equipment needed. Watch the videos, complete the forms, and experience the release. Disclaimer: this is not a replacement for medication or therapy for trauma. It can, however, help to release your current thinking around traumatic events if you have been in therapy for a long time. It can help you think about yourself and your life in a very different way, releasing the suffering and increasing emotional well-being.

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