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Spend 3 Days With Me

A Free Workshop on How to STOP Using Insider, Industry Language

and Jump Into your Best Business Brain

So You Can Attract Clients Who WANT To Learn More

Presented by Karynn C
Your Sold-Out Offer Coach

Karynn C shows you how to create more Joy and Money using these SUPER SIMPLE tools in our Business Center Community. Join today and get the FREE 3 day Sold-Out OFFER training straight to your inbox.


You will learn how to DROP your industry insider language, which is confusing your people, or BORING THEM TO PIECES, and replace it with prompts and questions they WANT to answer, words that have their interest PEAKED, and phrases they just GET. NOT because they're not incredibly intelligent, but because they have no clue what you're talking about yet. You gotta ease them IN! They're not colleagues, they're students!

Spend six days with Karynn and learn the steps to finally get your audience to pay attention to what the heck you were trying to say in all those posts and reels. They are confused, but it's not because you need a total re-haul. You will immediately know what to Keep, Tweak or Trash.

Simple tips for Attention Grabbing Reels and Carousels! 

In this workshop we will cover


I want Instant Access to more Joy, Money and Visibility!
Let's Go!

You're in! 

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